Revel or Shopify POS: Comparison Between Revel and ShopifyRevel POS:

Revel POS is an iPad point-of-sale solution that’s aimed largely at small businesses in the catering space. It’s used by restaurants, coffee shops, food delivery services, and so on. Revel also offers a dedicated retail solution.

Revel was one of the earliest iPad POS platforms and the feature kit is reasonably robust. Users have access to everything they need, including payment processing, inventory and employee management, analytics, a wide library of integrations, and a number of reasonably-priced and well-designed hardware packages.

Shopify POS:

Shopify POS is a point-of-sale system included as part of Shopify’s broader eCommerce package. Retailers that are looking to build an online store will find it a particularly attractive solution. If, however, you already have an eCommerce store with another provider, you should keep in mind that it’s not possible to purchase Shopify POS as a standalone solution.

On the features front, Shopify POS has everything you would expect, including a built-in payments processor, a wide assortment of integrations, intuitive back-office and register dashboards, user permissions, barcode scanning, and more.

Comparison between Revel and Shopify:

Features of Revel System

• Online Ordering
• Mobile Order Takers
• Online Ordering XT
• Customer Display System
• EMV Compliance
• QuickBooks Integrations
• Delivery Management, Open API
• Security & CRM

Features of Shopify

• Accept Two or More Payment Options
• Gift Cards, Custom Payment Options
• Refunds and Store Credit
• Multiple Sales Channels
• Custom Sales, Discounts
• Portable Register, Custom Receipts
• Automatic Tax Calculations
• Store Management, Product Management

Revel: For the right kind of business, Revel POS is a good solution. We feel that it is definitely geared towards companies in the restaurant and catering spaces. If you sell retail merchandise, we suggest trying other solutions before making a final decision. Small restaurants, coffee shops, takeouts, and so on, however, will find a lot to like. Overall, it’s an intuitive, feature-rich, and reasonably well-priced solution that comes with an excellent support package. Just be careful to check the prices of any additional features and keep in mind that you will have to use Revel’s in-house payment processor. If you are thinking about going with Revel, take advantage of the free demo first.

Shopify: Shopify is one of the web’s leading eCommerce solutions. And it’s easy to see why. It offers an extensive feature-set at an extremely competitive price-point. Retailers should understand a few key points, however, when it comes to Shopify’s proprietary point-of-sale system, Shopify POS. If you are looking for a complete POS and eCommerce solution, however, then Shopify POS is 100% worth considering. You can take advantage of a free trial, free hardware returns, and an excellent support package when getting set up. Contact Sovereign Software for Shopify or Revel Development Services.


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