What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerceWhat is Shopify and Its Features platform that you can use to build your store both online and offline. Bloggers use WordPress. Store owners use Shopify. It allows you to sell both online with your own website and/or in-person with Shopify POS. This eCommerce website builder has features for everyone from beginners to eCommerce experts. Shopify is a dedicated eCommerce website builder that helps people build their very own online store.

It really is as easy as that – you don’t need mad tech skills, you don’t need a bottomless budget, and you don’t need to hire anyone to make your dream a reality. This makes Shopify a quick and affordable way of creating your online store. E-commerce business includes any type of buying or selling goods by using the online medium. There are a total of three are of an E-commerce business: online retailing, Electronic markets, and online auction. Freelancers, Small scale businesses, and large-scale businesses are all benefited from e-commerce.

Features of Shopify:

Let us now take a detailed look at some of the main features of using Shopify:.

1. Easy to set up: Web Builder with Easy Drag and Drop options. Mobile Commerce Compatibility. Multiple Languages and Unlimited bandwidth. Shopify helps its users to build a complete website without having any technical knowledge about website building. This is because Shopify takes care of all the technicalities involved on their behalf. Using Shopify, thus, speeds up the whole process of establishing a site and helps to get your store to go live quickly.

2. Easy to Manage: Automated Calculation of shipping charges. Reminders to Customers. Calculation of Taxes. Manage from anywhere. You also get full access to the HTML and CSS of your site. This lets you modify the site however you want, down to the minutest details. Automated Calculation of shipping charges can be done based on factors like location or priority of shipment.

3. Store Management Features: Customer Profiles, Accounts and groups. Email Templates. Fulfillment Centers. Your site can also include the option for customers to create a profile. Customer profiles can help you contact your customers individually with promotional offers, notifications about new products and much more. This can, in turn, boost your sales.

4. SEO and Marketing to boost sales: Supports Best SEO Practices. Automated sitemap.xml. Social Media Integration. Sell on Facebook.

5. Exceptional Security: Security is one of the most important aspects to take care of while selling online. You and your customer’s account details can be left exposed if your site ever gets breached. Shopify takes care of all the steps involved to keep you and your customers safe and also, handles any attempted breaches.

6. Support: Shopify wants you to succeed on their platform. That’s why they have their own blog where eCommerce experts share their best tactics. That’s why they created Shopify Academy, free eCommerce courses where you can learn at your own pace.

Shopify offers most of these services for free. While some are chargeable, the charges are usually quite low. If you’re planning to build a store then Shopify is your best option, especially if you are not confident in your knowledge about the technical details. You can establish a site and get in running within a couple of days, provided you have a clear idea of what you want. Contact Sovereign Software for Shopify development.


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