WordPress Website Development

After understanding  Jost’s  requirement we understood they require a CMS (Content Management System). They also needed to increase the online presence of their business WordPress is one of the best and preferred CMS all around the world it runs 63% of the total websites on the Internet today. When it comes to customizing, the options are endless. Countless themes and plugins allow for immeasurable design options and also add to the functionality. WordPress has a low maintenance cost and flexibility which allows easily creating, editing, publishing and archiving of web pages. WordPress website development is an excellent platform for a variety of different sites, whether you want to showcase your photography or create an e-commerce store. Sovereign Software is one of the leading wordpress website development company in Pune.


Sovereign build a WordPress website with voluminous content for Jost’s and hosted on the advanced centralized cloud server. The new website was planned to meet several major goals for the project is: improve the user experience, promote the brand and ultimately grow the business. WordPress is an online, open source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. It’s also the most popular blogging and wordpress website development creation tool available today. Approximately 19 million websites run on WordPress, and for good reason.

wordpress website development


  • Keep up with updates
  • Handle security issues rechecking keeping a consistent backend
  • Optimizing loading time
  • Building a backup system

Approach towards the project

  • With our user-centered design approach for more than 500 product line, the
  • WordPress development elegantly reinforced the brand, by enhancing the user experience through intuitive 4 level navigation.
  • Developed a clearly organized landing page, business divisions, products, and services pages.
  • The website helped Jost’s to achieve more than 6000 website visitors and a greater conversion rate.

Technology Used

  • Material UI design
  • WordPress development
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)


  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Engineered Products
  • Technical Services
  • Chemical Industries
  • Manufacturing Products
  • Other Bussinesses