Business Directory Website Development

With everything moving online, the days of looking up businesses in hard copies of the magazine pages and trade journals are just about over. Today’s searchers use Google and trusted online business directories to find the companies they want to work with – which is why adding your organization to these lists is often crucial for being noticed in the digital era, especially for specialized industries.


Sovereign designed and developed a Business directory for Production HotSpot Currently it has a presence in 4 cities and by limiting each city to about 100 of its top providers. Here we aim to be a shortcut guide and starting off point in user search for resources. We developed a central hub calendar for events classes and screening, a go-to place to find and sell pro gear and a blog with articles, interviews, reviews and more.

Business Directory Website Development


  • Incomplete Listed Information
  • Duplicate Listings
  • Unclaimed Listings
  • Users uploading low quality content

Approach towards the project

  • Designed and developed a business directory comes e-commerce solution where companies can post their business profile and sell used products.
  • Dashboard for Production HotSpot and registered users or business professional to get a single and dynamic view of information from a single window.
  • Online store with the shopping cart to sell creative posters.
    Various payment method integration.

Technology Used



Online Directory Submission