Real Estate Software


  • Multi-user, multi-tasking ERP software. Multi-level security based on User Group and User Level
  • Create Login id and password for each user
  • Assign permissions. Map each user with menu/submenu
  • Restricting user access with login and password
  • Role-based access & password
  • Audit trail: It ensures accountability of users. Work done by individual users can be easily tracked because all transactions capture the users name automatically
  • Automatic Audit Trail helps top management to know who has updated Masters or transaction and when
  • Each menu and sub-menu can be locked (allow/deny) including MIS (Management Information System) reports
    to an individual user in a very user-friendly screen with tree structure and check box facility.



  • Customer Inquiry
  • Source Of Inquiry
  • Inquiry Follow-up
  • Inquiry Status ( Interested, Not Interested, Wrong No, Don’t Call)
  • Daily Report
  • Inquiry / Follow up SMS
  • Inquiry / Follow-up Email


  • Monthly List of inquiries
  • List of Booked inquiries
  • Inquiry Estimate
  • Source of inquiries (Exhibitions, Hoardings, Portal, Website)

Sales and Execution


  • Flat Booking
  • Flat Stages
  • Payment Structure
  • Flat Cancellation

Extra Work:

  • Extra Work Type
  • Add Extra Work Against Flat


  • Bank NOC
  • Demand Letter
  • MOU. Non – Agreement
  • Intimation for Agreement Registration
  • Allotment Letter
  • Possession Letter
  • Booking Rejection Letter


  • Flat Booking Report
  • Vacant Flat Report
  • Flat Cancellation Report
  • Statement
  • MIS Report
  • Site wise sale report
  • Building wise sale report



  • Contractor Registration
  • Work Type
  • Site Estimation
  • Quotation
  • Optimized P.O
  • Work Status
  • Daily Consumption
  • Contractor Bill


  • Daily Report
  • Work Progress Report
  • Contractor work details



  • Supplier Registration
  • Material / Goods
  • Purchase requisition
  • Quotation
  • Optimized P.O
  • GRN
  • Material Inspection
  • Supplier Bill

Stock Inventory:

  • Site wise stock
  • Material req. From contractor
  • Stock Transfer


  • Supplier Ledger
  • Material Transaction report

Document Management

  • Site wise document management
  • Access permission
  • Easy search
  • Read only permission


Explanation Debtors:

  • Installments ( Flat against Payment)
  • VAT
  • Service Tax
  • Maintenance
  • Extra Work
  • Adjustment Entry
  • Other Deposit
  • Flat cancellation payment


  • Received Payment report
  • Customer Ledger
  • Customer Statement
  • Payment Due Reports
  • Made Payment Report

Explanation Creditors:

  • Supplier Payment
  • Contractor Payment
  • Other Payment


  • Site wise payments report / Ledger
  • Supplier / Contractor Ledger
  • Other Payment

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