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When it comes to customizing, options offered by Sovereign are endless. Countless themes and plugins allow for immeasurable design options and also add to the functionality. WordPress has a low maintenance cost and flexibility which allows easily creating, editing, publishing and archiving of web pages.

Cash Port blogOverview

Cash Port LTD is a Istanbul, Turkey-based company. The firm was established to fulfill the strong needs of bringing traders, technical analysts and financial writers together, all at one platform, and to benefit from the variety of professional opinions and point of views. Cash Port LTD came up with a successful idea that enables publishers to make money while writing on its platform. The company pays publishers per view, so everyone makes money through Cash Port, and the more view the publisher has, the more money they make. Developers at Sovereign used WordPress for its flexibility. The site is easy to upload content can easily be moved from one place to another, and we’ve found that this flexibility works extremely well with the logic of views, blocks and node queues in WordPress. We are aiming to position and scale ourselves at a higher ranking in the financial industry, Cryptocurrency, and in the Forex field in particular. Cash Port strives to be the home for traders and investors as it offers the right tools, reports, data, and opinions. We kept a dashboard for every publisher to make uploading, publishing their content. Engineers at Sovereign have vast experience in WordPress, PHP, ASP.NET, MySql, Blog Development and SQL Server.


  • Keep up with updates.
  • Handle security issues rechecking.
  • Keeping a consistent backend.
  • Optimizing loading time.
  • Building a backup system.


  • Anti-Spam comment section.
  • Maintaining niche-specific blogs.
  • User will have a dedicated dashboard to make his work easy.
  • Two-step account login verification for publishers.