WP Shopify Features and BenefitsShopify:

Shopify is a dedicated eCommerce platform that helps you build your own online store. It hosts your site for you and gives you all the tools you need. In contrast, WordPress is an open-source platform. You need to host your own site and install plugins like WooCommerce or WP Shopify for eCommerce tools.

WordPress is built with Publishing in mind, and it works best as a blogging and publishing platform. For e-commerce, however, WordPress doesn’t simply work out of the box. You will need to use other plugins such as WooCommerce and configure all the complex aspects of payment gateways among others.

What is WP Shopify?

WP Shopify is a savvy WordPress plugin empowering businesses, creators, and go-getters to sell Shopify products on any WordPress site. WP Shopify turns your WordPress site into a powerful eCommerce tool. No need to worry about the checkout or cart experience! WP Shopify creates these for you out of the box with no setup needed. WP Shopify is a nifty plugin that allows you to sell Shopify products on your WordPress site without installing and configuring an e-commerce system such as WooCommerce.

The plugin syncs your Shopify store data as custom post types offering you the opportunity to use the full power of the WordPress CMS. Further, WP Shopify helps you to add the Shopify Buy Button anywhere on your WordPress site, making for a seamless buying experience. WP Shopify doesn’t handle payments. Once the buyer hits the checkout button, they are redirected to your Shopify checkout page to complete the transaction. In other words, you will only use Shopify to process payments.

WP Shopify Features Include:

• Ability to import your Shopify products and collections as WordPress posts
• Countless templates that help you to build an online store out of this world
• Use the Shopify SDK to host a fully-featured shopping cart on your WordPress store
• No iFrames thanks to the responsive Shopify Buy button
SEO-ready design
• Capability to save your Shopify store data in custom WordPress database tables
• Compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins

Benefits of WP Shopify:

WP Shopify allows you to enjoy some benefits you would miss if you sold on Shopify exclusively. Here is a list of benefits.

• You have full control over the URL structure of your products thanks to WordPress permalinks
• Access to thousands of WordPress themes and visual page builders, which means you can build the store of your dreams without breaking a sweat
• Customizing WordPress themes is easier than using Shopify’s Liquid template engine
• Unlimited access to thousands of WordPress plugins allowing you to add rich functionality to your store
• Unlike Shopify, you have total control of the store data you sync with WordPress
• You can take full advantage of Shopify’s inventory and order fulfillment features, while riding on the back of WordPress
• Discounted shipping rates
• WP Shopify is easy to install and configure as you’ll learn in a moment
• The free version of WP Shopify comes with all the features you need to start selling Shopify products on your WordPress site
• Extensive documentation and FAQ
• Great support.

With the WP Shopify plugin, you can automatically sync details between your Shopify store and your WordPress site. Contact Sovereign Software for WP Shopify development.


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