What is Weebly and it’s Features?What is Weebly?

Weebly is one of the largest site builders with more than 50m websites built. Unlike many competitors, Weebly has always been more interested in improvements to their platform’s technology rather than running expensive marketing campaigns. Weebly is an intuitive and powerful online website builder. It lets you build and edit great-looking sites without making you learn a secret web design language.

Weebly provides the domain, all the tools, and over 100 optional templates to choose from. Weebly websites are completely customizable with HTML/CSS code and the editor allows users to create a webpage exactly as desired. Weebly sites, blogs, and online stores are configured to work across computers, phones, and tablets. Users can plan, build, publish and grow a site entirely with Weebly. Website design changes are made in real-time meaning users can view and edit at the same time.

Weebly Key Features:

• Drag & drop editor – move elements around and let Weebly drop them in just the right place.
• Beginner-friendly templates – over 50 templates that can be easily edited and modified.
• Responsive themes – your site is automatically mobile-friendly.
eCommerce – quickly start an online shop with tons of features and options.
• Video background – easily add a video background to any element of your site.
• Site search – let your visitors search your site without problems.

Weebly Review:

Ease of use: From the very first moment that you open the dashboard, you will get the impression that Weebly is easy to use. And that is quite true. Everything is intuitive, and Weebly has a small learning curve. It will take you just a few moments to get around and know where things are.

Templates: When you start creating your website with Weebly, you will get to choose from 50-ish templates assigned to various categories. While this sounds like plenty, you will be surprised when you start browsing.

Design flexibility: Weebly is an authentic drag & drop, website builder. As soon as you hit the “Edit Website” button, you will start to see the power of Weebly.

Domain options: When you start off with a free Weebly plan, you will be able to choose a subdomain for your new site. That means that you will get to choose your site’s name, but the domain will always have the “weebly.com” part in it.

Mobile site optimization: While building your site with Weebly, you’re always just a click away from previewing your website on a smartphone. But that’s pretty much it when it comes to mobile optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Everybody is focusing on search engine optimization these days. If you couldn’t list your website on Google and other less popular search engines, there would not be much sense in having one at all. But don’t worry. If you start your website with Weebly, you can work on optimizing your site even if this is the first time you have heard about SEO.

Blogging functions: Modern websites usually need a blog to be effective. So, it does not a surprise that Weebly comes with the option for one.

eCommerce Integration: Since it’s owned by Square (a payment processor), it is not a surprise that Weebly comes with some neat eCommerce options. Contact Sovereign Software for Weebly Development Services.


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