E-commerce Solution: What is Volusion and it’s Features?What is Volusion?

Volusion is an Online Store Builder, Website Store. Make Your Own Website using Shopping Cart Features by Volusion. When you build an online store with Volusion, the entire design, colors, graphics, look and feel of your website store can be exactly the way you want it. Volusion is a leader in e-commerce software solutions providing businesses, small and large, with an all-in-one e-commerce software platform that will cater to just about any online store. Their e-commerce solution handles all the essential features such as checkout, payment processing, and order management.

Volusion’s Features

Volusion thrives and prides itself on presenting users with some seriously well-thought-out features, centered on getting the most out of your online store and prioritizing sales.

Themes: Volusion themes are top-notch. There is a wide variety of designs, a little over 300 of them, but not enough to become overwhelming. Each design is thoughtfully made, so you know you are setting your store up for success.

SEO: An important factor, Volusion SEO, helps you rank in searches. While there is no magic formula or code to crack for SEO, Volusion offers optimization suggestions and helps you get set up for success when it comes to the art-more-than-science that is SEO.

Email marketing: Building and managing a customer base is made easier with Volusion email integration, namely Mailchimp. You will have to add it on, but Mailchimp and Volusion are already set up to work hand-in-hand, so you can use your customer and shopping history data to send post-order emails, promotions, top of minds, etc.

Speed: The loading time of pages is often a make or break factor when it comes to customer retention and higher ranking. Google will knock you down in the algorithm if your pages don’t load quickly enough, and customers will drop off. Patience is unknown in the e-commerce world.

Customer management: From monitoring customer history to managing customer contact, the Volusion customer dashboard makes it easy. There’s even built-in analytics, so you can track the essential metrics and gain insight into shopper behavior that will prove useful for marketing and managing shoppers.

Mobile responsiveness: All themes, all sites, everything, is designed to be responsive on mobile platforms as well as desktop. Since versatility in platform visitation, whether desktop, mobile, or tablet, is vital for retaining customers, not having to worry about this important feature is a big deal.

Inventory management: Adding a new item for sale is streamlined and easy to follow. You start by putting in basic information and uploading a picture, and then Volusion walks you through writing a description, too.

Onboarding: Getting set up means you aren’t left to your own devices if you’re not 100% sure of your direction. Right from when you sign up, Volusion asks gentle, guiding questions to help determine the type of site you’ll need and the type of offerings. We provide a range of solutions fully integrated ecommerce and Volusion solutions. For more details on Volusion development services Contact us at: hello@sovereignconsult.com


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