POS System: What is Vend POS and its Features?What is Vend?

Vend is a cloud-based point of sale system for retailers of all types and sizes. Vend offers tools to help manage the customer experience, as well as sales, inventory, customer data, and more. Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management platform for brick and mortar retailers. It enables retailers and other businesses to accept payments, track customers, manage inventory, provide loyalty incentives, and run business analytics for real-time insights into business performance.

Vend is designed to work on various devices including Macs, PCs, and iPads, and a dedicated iPad app is available. It can also operate with a range of in-store hardware including receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers. An offline mode allows users to continue selling even if the internet goes down, and automatically resyncs once the system is back online. Retailers using Vend have access to a suite of sophisticated tools more powerful and intuitive than the enterprise systems used by retail giants, at a fraction of the cost.

Features of Vend POS

POS: Vend is the web-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works on Mac or PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time.

Ecommerce: Open your store to the world by combining Vend’s easy-to-use POS and Inventory management with the best eCommerce platforms on the planet. Manage your online and in-store operations from one place while launching your brand into new markets.

Hardware: Vend makes hardware easy whether you use an iPad, Mac, or PC. You’ll find Vend-compatible hardware for both Mac and PC. Vend works with industry-standard point of sale equipment, including printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners.

Payments: Accept all the ways your customers want to pay and streamline sales at checkout in-store, online and on-the-go. With Vend, payment processing is easy and flexible. Integrate with the world’s best payment providers and get paid seamlessly.

Customers: Customer management and loyalty software to keep them coming back. Build your customer database, grow repeat business and increase shopper spend with a custom loyalty program.

Vend Reporting: Customize your sales reports and find out exactly what you need. See how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover your top salespeople — all from one easy-to-use platform.

Growth & multi-outlet: Manage and maximize your business in the cloud with Vend, whether you have two stores or two hundred. A retail platform for your entire business, no matter how complex your operations. Manage your staff, inventory, reports, and stores anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access to Vend.

24/7 global support & services: With offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand, our friendly support team is quick to respond, on every channel. Vend Help Center has an extensive range of help articles, set up guides, video tutorials, training, and tips & tricks for becoming a better retailer. Available free to all customers. Contact Sovereign Software for Vend development and more details.


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