Demandware Commerce Services puneWhat is Demandware?

Demandware is an enterprise-ready (software as a service) i.e. SAAS. It is an e-commerce platform that utilizes a revenue model. Basically, it is the platform that can be used by businesses in exchange for a share of the revenue generated through the platform.

Demandware approaches integrations from a different angle, positioning itself firmly as an omnichannel platform bringing e-commerce, POS, and order management into one solution. In return for the same, Demandware takes care of the hosting, server infrastructure, and core application framework. They also provide an admin interface for managing the orders, shop products, and content as a fully functional storefront. Even it also consists of a mobile app in the feature set. All the features and the components can be customized up to the next level with just a bit of effort.

Main Benefits of Demandware:

Some of its most impressive features include:

Launching a new website can be a time-consuming process, and as technology changes from one day to another, being able to launch your new website fast is crucial when it comes to keeping on top of the latest eCommerce trends and offering a superior customer experience. With Demandware, you can significantly cut down the time spent on setting up the infrastructure of a new website, as this excellent platform can automatically scale and support your business objectives.

This allows you to spend more time on innovation and focus on creating a high class, seamless online experience. With the platform being upgraded regularly and new features appearing constantly, Demandware allows your company to make the most of its features and build a website tailored specifically for your business that can stand out against your competitors and bring something new to the customer experience.

Furthermore, once you join Demandware, you become part of an extensive online community where you can discover new ideas and share your own. Because of its cloud-based architecture, all the Demandware clients use the same version of the software, which means you can access vast resources of valuable information and intelligence that can help you improve your online business.

Managing real-time quantities of products across multiple locations. The ability to use a common infrastructure for creating multiple brands or sites. Using a single global template to create a customizable experience catering to different cultures.

Demandware allows you to gain the intelligence you need for a better understanding of the shopping journey, so you can then improve and create a personalized shopping experience that caters specifically to your customers’ needs.

These are just some of the main advantages that the Demandware Commerce Cloud platform provides. We provide a range of solutions from simple shop fronts to fully integrated Demandware eCommerce solution. Contact Sovereign Software for Demandware Commerce Services.


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