How to do Website speed optimization with simple stepsWebsite Speed Optimization

Website Page load time is a performance metric that shows the time needed for a web page to show on the user screen. Website performance optimization is an important part of superior website designs and is the key factor for all modern online business as well as digital marketing ethics. Building a website is more likely to want to share information or to do business and want to make a profit. And it happens only when you get traffic to your website to do so, you need high website speed. If your website performance is slow and when any user waits for a webpage to load it makes your website unimpressive and visitor leave the site. In all this scenario website development with quick access to users plays an important role. We at the sovereign are experts in website development and software development processes. Website speed performance later effects on search engine rankings. Because SERP developed under proprietary and algorithms and including page speed, user experience, website responsiveness and an entire lot of other website performance metrics.

Is Site Speed Affect SEO?

At Google, visitors or users come first. Speed can represent the deciding moment of a site. It influences your traffic, site visits, changes, deals, and general notoriety. By making it quicker, you can improve your business or your fan base and help it develop. A slower page load time additionally hampers the SEO, User experience and brand picture of your business.

Page speed is a direct ranking factor, a reality known far better since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update. Be that as it may, speed can likewise influence rankings in a roundabout way, by expanding the page load rate and lessening stay time. Expanding your page load speed can bring about a 25% expansion in site visits. Along these lines, site speed assumes a significant job in making your business effective. It ought to be one of your top needs on the off chance that you need to stand apart from your opposition. By accelerating your site, not exclusively will you yield positive outcomes as far as site visits and transformations, yet you will likewise give your guests better client experience.

Website Development: How to Speed Up Your Website?

Below are some simple steps that you can utilize during website development, WordPress website development or Mobile App development so your website speed boosts up.
a) Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time: Ensure that your mobile browser uses local memory to cache resources to avoid unnecessary server requests.
b) Slow down JavaScript Parsing to achieve Ideal Page Load Time: Parsing of JavaScript by mobile browsers increases the page load time. Optimize the page load time of your mobile site by deferring the removing of unnecessary tags.
c) Reduce redirection and Improve Website Speed: Redirects usually require extra processing time. Serve the mobile site to the users directly.
d) Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets to Speed Up your Website: Removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality.
e) HTML5 and CSS3 can improve Page Load Time: CSS3 and HTML 5 framework are lightweight and make it easier for mobile web pages to load quickly.
f) Reduce Image Size to minimize Average Page Load Time: It makes sense to optimize and resize images to ensure quick loading time. Keep in mind, high-resolution images are heavy and usually absorb more bandwidth and take longer to process. Keep images fewer than 100kb to achieve the ideal page load time for your site.
g) Change Your Website Theme: The theme of your website can also affect your website speed. No matter how good your server configuration is, if your website theme has a complex code, your website will load sluggishly. In WordPress development, we can change the theme accordingly if we find there is an increase in page load time.
h) Broken Links: Broken links in your content cannot slow down your website, but they can greatly affect user experience, so you should pay close attention to all of them. Yet, broken links in your CSS, JavaScript and image URLs can negatively affect your website speed.
i) Optimize Your Database: Optimizing your database is yet another very effective way to speed up your website. If you use WordPress or other CMS that relies a lot on database usage then regularly you should optimize Database.

Having a quick site has never been a higher priority than it is today. Individuals anticipate that sites should be exceptionally quick and, if you neglect to convey on their desires, you will chance losing website traffic and, eventually, you’re site followers or your income. Hence, ensure you furnish your site guests with a consistent encounter by improving your site speed and standing apart from the group. At sovereign, we have website designers who are experts in developing amazing websites with less page load time.


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