Software Development: What is Drupal and its Main FeaturesDrupal Web Development?

Drupal is one of the most widespread platforms with which to develop websites. Through more and more organizations seeing to build engaging digital experience for their stakeholders, the Drupal Content Management System offers a mobile-first platform with native support for integrations, better performance, and scalability. The new variety brings significant changes to its module development and theme creation techniques, improving performance and refining the development experience. So here we go. In this article, you can see basic website or software development using Drupal at Sovereign Software.

Software Development: Basic Drupal Development Steps

For this first have Drupal core installed and a basic installation running. Following are steps of Software Development process using Drupal.

Admin menu

First of all, install the admin menu module. Disable the core Toolbar module and then you have now a new drop-down administration menu at the top of your site.


Now let’s continue with the WYSIWYG. Next in File Browser settings, select IMCE for the three drop-down picks. Now you have a working WYSIWYG with integrated file management.


With this, it will be easier to create new pages on the website, so now let’s use it to create our website news. First go to Administration->Structure->Content types. Click Add Content Type. Call it News and change settings as suitable for your needs authoring information, comments, etc. Click on Save and add fields.


For this we will essential to install the Chaos tool suite module. Then install the Views module. When this is done, go to Administration->Structure->Views and Add new view. Change more options if needed then click Continue & edit. Change more options if needed then click save button.


You just formed a block of news, now let’s make it show on the site. Go to Administration->Structure->Blocks. Locate the block named View: News and put it on Content part of your theme. Then click on the configure button of this block. Give block title the value if you don’t want a title, or give an actual value. Then at the bottom, on Pages, select ‘only the listed pages’ and give the value on the text block after. Now you have your news occupied on the site, and showing on the front page.

Static pages

You might want to have more than a front page. If you happen to have that sort of thinking, go to Administration->Content->Add content->Basic page. Here WYSIWYG once again come in handy to input data, and when you are done, go to URL path settings and in URL alias, give the alias you want for the url address of this page.


You need a menu. Let’s go the easy way and use the main menu. Go to Administration->Structure->Menus->Main menu and add link. Give it a title (e.g. About Us) and the path to the page you just created (e.g. about-us). Click on save and then adjust his position with drag-and-drop with other links on the main menu and save.

This is how basic website development is done using Drupal. We have experienced Software development team follows the Drupal development guides, and even reuses the components that it now provides to create great websites.


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