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You have a WordPress website that’s performing well. You’re making money, gathering leads, and building your brand’s presence on the web. You’ve even gone to great lengths to give it a responsive design that your website visitors will enjoy using. But mobile-first doesn’t just stop at browser-based web experiences. Mobile app development is the ideal platform for getting quick messages over to users to increase readership, sales, and general engagement with your brand. Below are some reasons to have mobile app development for your WordPress site. Today, every mobile user wants quick information so our Mobile App developers targeting mobile apps to increase their business revenue.

Smartphones are the present and future technology

More people than ever are browsing the web on their Smartphone’s and tablets, making responsive web design a necessity. However, when compared with a native mobile app, these sites still can’t provide the same quality of on-the-go User Experience (UX). Mobile app development is booming.

Mobile app puts your website in front of users

Nearly all mobile applications are acquired and downloaded through the App Store (iPhones and iPads) and Google Play (Android). Having an app on the market can help to expand your audience. Positioning your app in just these two stores puts your brand in reach of millions of users. Once an app has been downloaded, it becomes a part of a user’s daily experience.

People Prefer Mobile Apps to Mobile Websites

Obviously, not every WordPress site will make sense in the app form. As the report demonstrates, the number of apps Smartphone users use on their devices decreases each year. That’s not necessarily a negative reflection on mobile apps; it’s more an indication that mobile users are becoming savvier with how they use their mobile data, storage, and power. This means if you’re going to build a mobile app, and you want it to be downloaded and used, it must fulfill a need for your audience.

Can Reach a Broader Audience

Having a mobile app gives businesses a broader reach. Because you’re now able to deliver a custom experience to users based on wherever they want to find you, you’re better prepared to capture as much of the market as possible. And because your website can be found in so many variations, that means more of a chance to dominate search results — in Google, the Android Google Play store, and the App Store.

Mobile Apps Deliver a Better User Experience

Mobile apps provide a much better and more convenient experience to mobile users than mobile websites typically can. The key reason for this is that their user interfaces are primarily designed for mobile devices. Mobile apps are accessible right from your users’ home screens. There’s no need to check that wifi is connected, open the browser, type in a URL, and load the page.

Mobile App Boosts Brand Awareness

When you’ve built a mobile app that’s truly valuable to your users, and they’ve chosen to add it to their home screen as a result, your brand now has prime placement in terms of marketing.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to go directly to users as soon as you have news or relevant content to share, even when they’re not using your mobile app. This might not seem like a deal-breaker with mobile websites, but think about the time and energy users expend hunting down a website and checking to see if it has published new articles, added special offers for the holiday weekend, updated inventory, and so on. Sure, they could subscribe to your newsletter for these kinds of updates, but that requires that they sign into an email app, read the message, and then make their way to your mobile website or app for more information. With mobile app development, you cut out the middleman.


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