What is Magento Enterprise Edition and it’s FeaturesWhat is Magento?

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform. It is written in PHP, and the software utilizes the Zend Framework. According to data, there are currently over 170,000 live sites running on Magento. Magento Enterprise Edition erases the boundaries of what is possible; giving you the power to create bold and unique shopping experiences that will transform your business.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Industry 4.0 offers a crucial role for e-Commerce businesses across the world. Magento is a favorite and search engine friendly e-Commerce platform. It provides versions like Magento’s Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Both are powerful and popular solutions differentiated by cost. The Community Edition is on an open-source platform free, though Magento Enterprise Edition is quite priced.

Built for rapid and cost-effective innovation, the platform combines rich, out-of-the-box functionality, enterprise performance and scale, and powerful business tools to keep you ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations and growing customer demands.

Features of Magento Enterprise

A good number of small scale and medium scale businesses prefer the Magento Community Edition for being budget-friendly but the Magento Enterprise Edition is built for the development of rapid and cost-effective innovation in the long run. The platform uses a combination of rich, out-of-the-box functionality, enterprise performance, and powerful business tools to get ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations and growing customer demands.

1. Advanced Search: Magento Enterprise Edition includes Elastic Search for the most powerful customer search experience, with advanced search rules that deliver the results your customers expect. Magento 2 EEs Elastic search comes with powerful features such as Automatic suggestion for better user experience, Very fast auto-complete, Smart correction when text query is misspelled, Search for product attribute options.

2. Advanced Targeting and Segmentation toolsMagento 2 Enterprise Edition has an interesting feature that allows you to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers, based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents, and so on. You can also optimize marketing initiatives based on targeted segments by using shopping cart price rules and banners.

3. Advanced Merchandising and Promotion –Grabbing a customer’s attention is an expensive task. Drag and drop merchandising, flexible pricing and promotions, rules-based cross-sales and up-sales, and customer segmentation tools are all features of Magento Enterprise Edition that help you automate creative strategies for maximizing customer sales.

4. Advanced Content Management –Integrating third-party CMS solutions to your Magento build adds cost and complexity. Magento 2 Enterprise Edition includes drag-and-drop content management capability with staging and preview features that allow your content creators to build content and get it approved without involving a developer.

5. B2B Support –Business-to-business eCommerce is growing. Companies are working on their B2B eCommerce strategy, increasing the competition. Many companies are using an obsolete custom-built eCommerce platform, or don’t have one at all. A proper eCommerce platform for B2B allows your business to grow by giving smaller customers an opportunity to self-service, allowing you to focus on higher-value customers.

Magento Enterprise Edition allows businesses to build a well-designed, responsive, and secure website, enabling the owner to control the web store efficiently in order to scale up their digital marketing. Build Ecommerce with Magento Platform. Contact Sovereign Software for Magento Development Services.


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