Magento 2

Magento is the leading eCommerce platform used for online stores. It is a high-performant, scalable solution with powerful out-of-the-box functionality and a large community built around it that continues to add new features. Magento 2 is a re-envisioning of the platform bringing it up to date with the latest development practices as a foundation for future features and growth.

Magento 2 Features

Using Magento to build and run your eCommerce store comes with a whole host of benefits. Here, we’re going to be talking about some of Magento 2’s biggest plus points – the most important features that make it worth considering.

1. User-Friendly Functions: It was a big ask to expect merchants to move their entire website from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The developers behind the platform knew they’d have to deliver to make it worthwhile, and they put their focus on a more user-friendly experience for businesses.

2. Product Section: What’s the most important part of any eCommerce store? The products! Magento 2 also features an improved product section that has benefits for business owners and customers alike. The latest version of Magento brings expanded options when it comes to configuring your product section. Having these features at your fingertips can save you valuable time when it comes to editing your website.

3. Improved Checkout: On the front-end, the greatest difference you will notice is the flow of checkout – on the native Luma theme. A user experiences less complicated checkout processes thanks to Magento removing certain steps. For example, the system now fills out your credit card type; saving you time having to do so. Also, customer confusion on the “Order Success” page has been resolved. Having made a purchase, customers were then encouraged to create an account with the store. However, many customers expected to see their order information in their account even though they created it after making a purchase.

4. Payment Methods: Magento 2 has made no compromises on the safety and security of the payment operations online. They have teamed up with Worldpay and Cybersource to tighten their payment protection. Magento has also added popular extensions such as payment gateways like PayPal and Braintree, giving stores better functionality.

5. Catalog Management: The flexibility in product management enables almost every catalog to be configured out of the box.

6. Magento Marketplace: Like it or not, third-party extensions are a big part of most Magento sites. Though they are great for adding the functionality that shop owners need to enhance and expand their site, many face an unfortunate experience. Extensions can be known to cause a lot of conflicts with parts of the site, requiring owners or developers to try and debug or update these poorly built add-ons.

7. Extensibility: Magento’s real power comes from its ability to be extended with new features. Your agency can tailor and build on the platform to integrate into your back-office processes as well as add new abilities to the platform. Build Ecommerce with Magento Platform. Contact Sovereign Software for Magento Development Services.


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