Digital Marketing and SEO Analysis PuneSEO Analysis in Digital Marketing:

SEO analysis of your website of your site gives you profound bits of knowledge into the zones that may require some improvement. You will realize what changes can be made to stay up with the latest. It is imperative to play out a SEO analysis all the time as the business continues developing rapidly. And it will help you stay ahead of your competition. Our SEO team works efficiently on SEO audit and tells you more about the current state of your website. It also gives you a list of actions to be taken.

In SEO, Website analysis is a process which comes under On Page Optimization. Our professionals need to go through this process to find out the weakness and status of the website which certainly helps the SEO professionals to set the strategy accordingly. It helps the optimizers to mainly focus on the weaker areas of the website that becomes barrier in obtaining the optimum profit and success from the website. The result of website analysis enables the optimizers to work hard on the SEO campaign, keeping in mind the weaken elements of the website.

Below are some elements we go through in SEO Analysis:

• Check your visibility on Google:

This is the most important thing to check when starting off with your SEO analysis. You should check your website’s rankings and position on Google. You can also check out how many pages of your website are ranked in the search engine.

• URLs and meta descriptions:

Your URLs should consist of 4 or 5 words that tell the content of the page. If your URLs are not optimized, edit them so that the search engine bots can identify them better. Likewise, the meta descriptions must have correct keyword usage and should be attractive.

• Descriptive titles and headings:

All of the titles and headings of your website should contain matching keywords. Check for the keywords that are being used in your headers and titles. And make the titles look attractive so that users are impelled to click on them.

• Check your website rankings:

You should check your website’s worldwide and general rankings in terms of the number of users visiting it. This can give you great insights into your website’s position with respect to all other websites. And you can get insights into the bounce rate and average time spent by visitors on your site.

• Verify for broken links:

Broken links can cause a terrible experience for users visiting your website. And they can prove to be detrimental to your site’s SEO, so they should be taken care of quickly. You can use Google webmaster tools to find broken links on your website and then fix them. Fixing them can be done by either correcting the links or by doing 301 redirects to other valid URLs. Remove broken links can help make your website more user-friendly.

• Optimize Images:

Images make your website more attractive and easier to consume. Still, images are data-heavy and can work against your SEO if not optimized. So give them an appropriate title and ALT tag should include keywords. And you must also compact the images to reduce their size to improve website loading speed.

• Check your internal links:

Internal linking on your website is a great practice and can help improve your search engine rankings. It can also help get better the user experience and helps users easily find different pages on your site. You can create internal links by using appropriate keywords as anchor text and then linking to the desired page.

• Content:

Content is one of the most important factors you need to consider when checking the SEO of your website. There are a few important things to remember when writing posts on your website. Your content must be unique.

SEO plays an important role in digital marketing. It is clear that an SEO analysis is a requirement for every website and it ought to be done at standard intervals. We at Sovereign Software help to build a strong SEO Strategy for your website.


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